A Letter to Doctors

Dear Doctor,

I know I may not be a typical case for you. I may not have the symptoms that you know like the back of your own hand. I might have something that you didn’t touch on a lot in medical school.

Please don’t give up on me.

Please don’t look at me like I am making this up for attention.

Sure maybe there are patients that do it for attention, but still take care of them because maybe they don’t have what they say, but there is an issue somewhere.

It’s okay if you aren’t able to help me, but at least show me the respect that i deserve as a human to really listen to what I am saying. If you can’t help me just say that and tell me where to go. Don’t tell me this is in my head and the only doctor I should see is a psychologist.

I know you are a person just like I am and just because you are a professional doesnt mean you know everything. I can promise i am not a drug seeker. Most of the time i hate taking medications because the side effects are worse than what i am getting treated for.

I am just a person who is suffering.

I am just me.

If you have a patient who is crying in your office don’t make them feel worse. Listen and do what you can to help. Maybe do a little bit of extra research. Maybe what they have is in their brain. Tell them it is in their brain, not their head. Tell them it’s NOT their fault.

Thank you to the doctors who have done this. Who listen to me and do their best to help me. Thank you for being honest with me without making me feel like I am alone. Thank you for not writing me off as “crazy” or “drug seeker.” Thank you for taking the time research my symptoms or what I have.

Most of all thank you for not judging me.

I hope that as more research comes out on different conditions that you will take the time learn about them and maybe just maybe Medical Schools will teach more about these invisible illnesses.

I hope you have learned a little and will continue to learn.

Thank you,

A chronic pain warrior

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  1. L.E. says:

    Alexa, you are a true “warrior”. I admire your perseverance and endurance. Keep on truckin’!

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