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5 Traveling Secrets For Anyone Who Looks Healthy on the Outside, but Suffers on the Inside

**This post contains affiliate links where I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase, after clicking the link. All opinions are my own and I only talk about products that I recommend. To learn more check out my privacy policy Traveling can be a struggle for anyone, but especially for someone who …


Do’s and Don’ts When it Comes to Helping Someone You Know With Chronic Illnesses/Pain

When you have someone in your life who struggles with chronic illnesses or any kind of invisible illness it can be a challenge to know what to do or say. Here are 9 dos and donts as a guide from my past experiences. Do: Be patient We may look healthy on the outside, but that …

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From the Girl Who Has Become Too Sensitive For Everyday Life

When you think of pain, most people think of a burn, a broken bone, or even a scrape. I, too think of those as painful, but I find the shower pressure and the goosebumps incredibly excoriating.  The readers here might find it strange that I say that along with the people I tell, but it …

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The Importance of Following Your Dreams No Matter The Situation

Just because you are constantly hurting doesn’t mean you can’t follow your dreams. Being in pain 24/7 can be destructive to a person’s physical, mental, or emotional health. It helps to have goals, or something that makes you excited. Life can be a roller coaster with things changing constantly.               I was a college graduate …