I want to share my invisible illness story with you and to help be a voice for those who can’t for themselves. We all need to BE FOREVER STRONG because we are all important and should NEVER feel alone.

I graduated from college in May of 2016, and with the world at my finger tips. A couple of months later I was in a horrible car accident. We were t-boned on my door and pushed 40 feet. Because of the car we were in, we all survived. I walked away that night, but over several months I was in constant pain 24/7.

July 2017 after many doctor appointments and tests I was diagnosed with Central Pain Syndrome.

CPS is caused by damage to the Central Nervous System; the brain, brainstem, or spinal cord. CPS brings a lifetime of moderate to severe pain often described as burning, aching or sharp, in addition to many other symptoms.

There were a rough couple of years to the point I had no idea what to do.  I couldn’t work for almost two years. Most days I could barely move.

Most days it’s hard for me to be touched, showers feel like razor blades on my skin and worst of all whenever I am cold my goosebumps make me want to rip my skin off. I have been electrocuted from plugging my computer charger in and dealt with a broken shoulder for 10 months because I thought it was my central pain syndrome. 

I hope my invisible illness story helped you guys and I am looking forward to hearing your stories.  

Invisible illnesses can be very scary especially when we don’t know what to expect, but we are fighters.