The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Traveling in Pain

With everything we do in life there is the good, the bad and the ugly.

Traveling for most people is pretty standard. We pack, go to the airport, check our luggage in, go through security, walk around and wait to get on the plane.

That is just the first part.

Then we sit on the plane from anywhere from 45 minutes to hours on end and once in a while we have stop overs.

Then we get off the plane, pray our suitcase isn’t lost and go to wherever we are going to be staying. Don’t forget we have to do it all over again at the end of our trip.

Sounds pretty exhausting for anyone, right?

Right, but just think about having to do all of this while in massive amounts of pain. Just sitting on a plane for a few hours or driving an hour I’m ready to rip my body parts out of place.

I recently went on a cruise for a week and I learned a little more about the good, the bad and the ugly of traveling in pain.

The Good: Getting to Get Out Of Town

My favorite part of going on vacation is usually just being able to get away from everyday life. Hopefully it’s some place warm and the sun is shining.

The cruise for me was a much needed getaway with doing nothing, but relaxing by the pool, reading and just having fun. We didnt have a worry in the world and because I was able to relax I noticed my pain wasn’t always off the charts.

Being able to get away is always the best thing for anyone because can you imagine staying in the status quo constantly 24/7. Everyone needs some TLC and sunshine.

The good is relaxing by the beach and doing what makes you happy

The Bad: The Travel Days, The Lifting Heavy Luggage

With the good there always comes the bad. As much fun as getting away to relax is, it can be equally exhausting. Travel days are the worst for me because I hate the sitting around, worrying about everything going smoothly, eating the crappy airplane food and all of the heavy lifting we have to do.

Travel days when we are going somewhere aren’t as bad because you at least get to look forward to relaxing. When traveling home most times it is worse because you know you are going back to everyday life.

After these times I typically need a day or two of recovery, which can put you back even more.

Unfourtunately if you love to travel you will have no choice, but to endure the bad with the good.

With the good comes the bad. This picture was after the plane ride on our way to Florida

The Ugly: Going From One Temperature to Another

We have talked about the good with traveling and the bad. Now we are going to talk about the ugly. The worst part for me is when I am going from two different climates.

The cruise was warm and sunny. I had to come back to the cold and gloomy. The minute I was back in the cold my body started acting up. It took everything I had in me not to turn right back around.

The most important lesson I have learned with my pain and traveling is to go in the same weather so there isn’t such a drastic change. Even though I like to get away in the cold it ends up doing more harm than good.

I like going in May or June as it is warm out here in Michigan and wherever I am going in the Carribean or pretty much all over the US. Not only is it better for my pain, but my mental state as well.

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