To Our Loved Ones…Thank You

Dear Loved Ones,

Thank you. Thank you for being with us through our bad days, our even worse days and the sparingly good moments. The day to day grind of just getting through the day can be so overwhelming that we forget how hard it can be for our loved ones. We may not thank you enough out loud, but we so appreciate everything you do for us.

I have talked to many people who were caregivers and I hear a lot of the same answers. “I know it’s not their fault, but it can be a lot for me too.” “It’s so hard to watch and not be able to do anything.” “I don’t understand your physical pain, but I can feel your pain emotionally.”

I see the truth in all these above statements. I can see the emotions that run through my family and friends faces as I am going through my rough moments. I want to erase the sadness and ease their pain, but I can’t because all I can focus on at that moment is getting through it.

We can’t always help them at the moment, but we can do other things in the moments to show them they are important. Even a simple thank you, I appreciate you, is enough.

I want to specifically thank my parents and my boyfriend. They were with me from when my accident first happened and to now. They had to witness my downfall and stuck by me through everything. They helped me through every doctors’ appointment, every test, every frustration from hearing the Doctor’s not believing me and so much more. I try to thank them every moment I can, but it just never feels like it will ever be enough. They continue to tell me they are happy to help me, but the guilt is there.

I have heard stories from other warriors and a lot of them feel helpless because they don’t feel adequate enough and feel down about having to depend on others for daily life activities, household chores, or even to help out with bills. We need to know that we are enough and that we are doing what we can. Loved ones you need to know you are amazing and we are so thankful for you.

Love, Warriors

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