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What Does Be Forever Strong Mean to You?

Be Forever Strong. This is my motto.

Life can be all over the place and you may never know when it’s going to crash in front of your eyes. The crash in front of my eyes is chronic pain. Every day is challenging, but I choose to continue to be forever strong every day of my life.

Be Forever Strong is a motto that can fit anything. To me, it is about continually fighting my demons and to never let Central Pain Syndrome get the best of me.

I will NOT succumb to the pain.

My goal has always been to raise awareness for chronic pain and just overall mental health. I would love the help all of you. I want to know what Be Forever Strong means to you?

Does it have to do with daily pain? Does it have to do with anxiety? Does it have to do with depression?

Whatever it is, I along with plenty of others want to know what continues to make you Forever Strong. Maybe we can each save one person just by sharing our stories.

If you want to participate you take a video of your reasons and hashtag #beforeverstrong and tag beforeverstrong1 on Facebook and Instagram.

If you don’t want to do a video, you can post a picture of what makes you forever strong as well as your reasons.

Being able to teach others about chronic pain and seeing that I am not alone is what makes me forever strong.

I can’t wait to see everyone’s videos and pictures. If you need help take a look at my Facebook and Instagram account with my video.

With Love,


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