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What is in My Flare Kit

The chronic illness world has its own set of terms and meanings. One is a flare- up kit and or a survival kit. We all know how bad days can be and when it happens you better be prepared.

Everyone’s flare kit is different and it is about what works best for you. Items can be anything from your favorite movies and books to medications to what you wear and anything in between. My top items are my heated blanket, Motrin, comfy clothes, chargers, my kindle, my Roku and my phone. These might seem all over the place, but sometimes it is hard for me to move on those days and having all of these items next to me can really help.

Heated Blanket

Most days I am freezing and when that happens my pain is over the top. I got a heated blanket as a gift and it was one of the best gifts I have received. I typically keep it on my bed, but I do take it with me around the house. It’s important to keep it near me for when the cold gets to me.


I like to have Motrin or Tylenol nearby for when I have flare ups because it will sometimes help to calm them down even for a little while.


I try and keep my chargers near me for when my phone or kindle dies from the amount of use. I typically like to lay in bed and get lost in another world for hours. I also like to play games on my phone to keep brain going strong.


I love getting distracted by other people’s lives and problems. I could read a few books a week if I sat down all day. Sometimes after reading my mood lightens especially if it’s an uplifting story. It can also put life into perspective.


To go along with my kindle, I love watching shows and movies on my Roku. I am a big fan  of binge watching and it can be fun to re watch my favorite series over and over. It’s also great for when I am feeling so sick that I can’t even read or play on my phone.

Comfy Clothes

Lastly and probably one of the top ones is comfy clothes. Most days tight clothes like leggings and jeans make me want to rip my skin off. I basically live in my sweatpants and sweatshirts. Fuzzy socks are also a part of this ensemble.

Those are just a few of my top ones. I have many others depending on the situation, but typically those are always in my kit.

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  1. I’m grateful for having you as a friend!

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